Contrast Kit : Uranyless + Lead Citrate


  • eco-responsible approach
  • kit : Uranyless + Lead Citrate
  • 2 x 30 ml Airless
  • ready to use
  • made in France
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Product description :

The Contrast-kit | Uranyless & Lead-Citrate offers an effective solution to enhance contrast in microscopy studies. This kit includes Lead Citrate, recommended for use after an initial contrast with Uranyless, following the Reynolds method.

Application :

Lead Citrate, packaged in a convenient 30 ml Airless bottle, is ready to use. UranyLess, a non-radioactive product, exhibits high efficacy due to its affinity for biological material, providing excellent contrasts. A mere one-minute contact time is adequate for contrasting sections or spreads of particles in negative staining.

Tips :

  • Utilizes a drop-by-drop system for precise application.
  • Prevents air intake during usage, ensuring product integrity.
  • Boasts a long service life, enhancing convenience and economy.

Watch our demonstration video on how to effectively utilize this Contrast-kit | Uranyless & Lead-Citrate

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