Uranyless aqueous

36,75 180,60 

Ready to use: 3 versions (applications)

  • classic in water 
  • alcohol 30%
  • acetone for cryo and AFS.


  • 30 ml Airless , or 100ml bottle in Acetone
  • 200 ml for automate staining device :  Leica or RMC Boeckeler 
  • store RT
  • lightfast , long shelf life.
  • Innovation R&D Lab. Delta Microscopies.
  • UranyLess Trade Mark.
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UranyLess: A Revolutionary Contrast Agent for Electron Microscopy

Innovative Composition

UranyLess, a cutting-edge contrast agent, marks a significant advancement in electron microscopy. Crafted from a blend of lanthanides, or rare earth elements, it stands as a non-toxic alternative to traditional agents. Available solely in aqueous form, UranyLess combines safety with simplicity, offering a ready-to-use solution that streamlines laboratory processes.

Extended Shelf Life and Easy Storage

One remarkable attribute of this solution is its unlimited shelf life, with a 30ml bottle typically lasting about a year. Unlike other agents that require refrigeration, UranyLess thrives at room temperature, resistant to air and light. This feature simplifies storage and preserves the agent’s effectiveness over time.

User-Friendly Application

Ready right out of the bottle without the need for dilution, it simplifies the contrasting process. Its pH of 6.8 is notably more neutral than the acidic nature of uranyl acetate, ensuring a gentle treatment of samples and maintaining their integrity.

Simplified Contrasting Process

Application is straightforward: a grid is placed on a drop of UranyLess for a minute before proceeding to post-contrast staining. This method is universally applicable across different tissue types, including animal, plant, and marine samples, showcasing UranyLess’s versatility.

Adaptability and Environmental Responsibility

UranyLess is compatible with all resin types and suitable for negative staining protocols. Although not initially designed for cryo-techniques due to its aqueous base, ongoing research aims to develop variants for broader application, including cryogenic methods. Waste disposal aligns with environmental safety standards, categorizing UranyLess under heavy metals (rare earths) for responsible handling.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Available in 30ml airless and 200ml brown bottles, UranyLess’s packaging is designed with user convenience in mind. The airless bottle technology prevents air entry, extending the product’s life and facilitating precise, clean application. This thoughtful packaging underscores the product’s overall ease of use and efficiency.

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