OTE (Oolong Tea Extract), Glutaraldehyde 2.5% in Cacodylate buffer


20ml AirLess ,
Ready to use
long shelf life
SEM- SEM Low vacuum platinum cryo -10°C.
Fixation + conductive staining integrated with OTE.

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UGS : GC15017 Catégorie :


OTE glutaraldehyde

2,5% de glutaraldéhyde (0,1 M de tampon Cacodylate Sodium ), traitée avec un mélange de 0,2% d’extrait de thé Oolong (OTE)


Stockage 4-8°C obscurité


Publication  :

Use of oolong tea extract staining of soft-tissue specimens in low-vacuum scanning electron microscope with a cooling stage

  1. Sasaki, Shigeru Sato, Akiko Adachi, Yukari Dan & Masako Nishimura  Medical Electron Microscopy volume 34, pages254–257(2001)


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