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Airless bottle!

Nowadays, many cosmetic products use an airless bottle (AirLess), which can isolate the substances from the air and prevent oxidative damage and substances harmful to bacteria.

The Airless bottle consists of a tubular container and a piston or pump. This is due to the strength of the spring. It uses the force of contraction to prevent air from entering the bottle, then uses atmospheric pressure to advance the piston.

The reduction of oxygen in the bottle after the vacuum prevents oxidation of the components. It stabilizes the activity of the components and inhibits the survival of microorganisms like bacteria or fungi. This prolongs the duration of use and guarantees the quality of the product.

The product is never in contact with the air.

This system, which isolates the product from the atmosphere, prevents oxidation
and this anaerobic environment prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

AirLess extends product life and guarantees quality.