EM flat mold reusable, big cavity size


Made from colored clear silicone, more flexible. These flat molds are reusable.

For all Epoxy resin

Mold Measurements: 3,1″ x 4,4″ (80 x 112 mm),

21 big Cavities: 15 x 7 x 3,5 mm thick

Each cavity has an marking : A-U

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EM flat mold reusable

Dive into a world of limitless creativity with our EM Flat Mold. Designed to redefine your crafting and DIY experiences, this mold is your go-to solution for projects demanding a generous cavity size and reusability.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the EM Flat Mold opens up new avenues for your artistic endeavors. Whether you’re working with resin, clay, epoxy, or other materials, its spacious cavity provides ample room for your imagination to flourish. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to create larger and more intricate designs.

What truly sets our EM Flat Mold apart is its reusability. Crafted from high-quality materials, this mold ensures durability across multiple projects. Its flexible yet sturdy construction allows for easy demolding, so you can effortlessly bring your creations to life, project after project.

Ideal for both beginners and experienced creators, this mold offers endless possibilities. From intricate jewelry pieces to intricate decorations, the EM Flat Mold is your reliable companion in turning your visions into reality. Its smooth surface finish ensures that your finished creations are of the highest quality.

Whether you’re a professional artist seeking a dependable tool or a hobbyist exploring the world of crafting, the EM Flat Mold is your gateway to unbounded creativity. Elevate your projects with a mold that combines spacious design and reusability, and discover the joys of bringing your ideas to life in larger dimensions. EM flat mold reusable