Glutaraldehyde 2%, H2O2 in Buffer phosphate or cacodylate

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  • Enhances the visibility of cytomembranes
  • distilled water
  • microfiltered – sterile
  • storage: 4-8°C
  • vacuum-sealed or sealed under Argon gas
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Product description :

Glutaraldehyde 2% in 0.1M buffer with H2O2, buffered to pH 7.4, ready to use fixative.

Product application :

This fixative solution enhances the visibility of cytomembranes, making it ideal for studying cellular junctions.

  • Distilled water and microfiltered – sterile for purity.
  • Vacuum-sealed or sealed under Argon gas for preservation.
  • EM grade quality ensures high performance.
  • Store between 4-8°C to maintain stability.

Tips :

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will soon be available online. Please feel free to request it if needed.

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