Paraformaldehyde (PFA) (2% – 4%), Glutaraldehyde (2% – 2,5%) in 0,1M Buffer – KARNOSKY in buffer

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  • karnovsky fixative, buffered for immediate application
  • pre-mixed and ready-to-use solution
  • formulated with distilled water for purity
  • electron microscopy (EM) grade
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Product description:

Karnovsky’s fixative, developed by Morris J. Karnovsky, is a renowned fixative utilized primarily in electron microscopy. Its purpose is to meticulously preserve cellular structures, enabling detailed examination under the electron microscope.

Application :

This fixative is essential for researchers and pathologists who require a detailed visualization of cellular components at the microscopic level. It is particularly valuable in the study of complex biological specimens, including the ultrastructure of renal pelvis fragments, thanks to its ability to maintain the integrity and morphology of cellular structures.

Preparing the Karnovsky’s Fixative Stock Solution:

  1. Paraformaldehyde: Begin with 2.0 g of paraformaldehyde.
  2. Distilled Water: Add 25 ml of distilled water.
  3. Sodium Hydroxide: Introduce 2 to 4 drops of 1M sodium hydroxide to the mixture to dissolve the paraformaldehyde.
  4. Glutaraldehyde: Incorporate 5.0 ml of 50% glutaraldehyde for cross-linking proteins.
  5. Cacodylate Buffer: Finally, add 20.0 ml of 0.2M cacodylate buffer at pH 7.4 to stabilize the pH.

Tips : 

The preparation process involves initially dissolving paraformaldehyde in distilled water, facilitated by the addition of sodium hydroxide. Following this, glutaraldehyde and cacodylate buffer are mixed in to complete the solution. Adjustments to this formula can be made to suit specific research needs, allowing for a versatile application in various studies.

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