Phosphate Buffer

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  • available from pH 6.9 to 7.4
  • production on demand
  • sealed under neutral gas
  • made in France
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Phosphate buffer, also known as the “Sorensen buffer” with slight variations, is a widely used resource in biology due to its robust buffering capacity and pH adjustment capabilities within the range of 5.8 to 8.


Phosphate buffer serves as an essential tool in various biological experiments. Its high molar concentrations, notably 0.4M and above, effectively prevent bacterial growth even at room temperature. We recommend preparing 0.4M stock solutions to conduct dilutions during experiments, minimizing contamination risks that may arise after a few days, reducing the concentration to 0.1M. Our carefully selected products ensure purity, with the 0.1M concentration requiring storage in the refrigerator at 4°C. Cloudiness in the solution may indicate contamination. Our solutions are hermetically sealed under neutral gases like argon to eliminate oxygen, preventing bacterial proliferation. Note the date upon opening the bottle, as exposure to air can lead to bacterial growth.


For optimal use and to avoid contamination, store the phosphate buffer at 4°C. Shelf life when the bottle is closed is 6 months, while it reduces to 3 months after opening.

Benefits & Disadvantages:


  • Phosphate buffer closely resembles certain components found in extracellular fluids, making it physiologically relevant.
  • It poses no threat to cell viability, demonstrating its non-toxic nature.
  • Minimal pH fluctuations occur with temperature shifts, ensuring stability.
  • Storing it at 4°C maintains its stability for several weeks.


  • On occasion, precipitation may occur when exposed to calcium ions during fixation.
  • It tends to form precipitates with uranium acetate and reacts with lead salts.
  • Additionally, precipitation may occur during dehydration with ethanol, making acetone dehydration a preferred alternative.
  • Due to its critical role, phosphate buffer remains susceptible to contamination and should be stored at 4°C.

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