Uranyless in 30% Ethanol

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  • made in France
  • eco-responsible approach
  • reduce waste
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Product description :

UranyLess in 30% Ethanol is specially formulated to address the challenge of staining dense and lipid-rich tissues, providing unparalleled contrast enhancement. Composed of a 30% ethanol solution in water, this staining solution offers deep penetration capabilities, particularly in tissues with densely packed collagen, such as the cornea.

Product application :

To achieve optimal staining results, follow these steps:

  1. Apply UranyLess in Ethanol for 2 to 8 minutes.
  2. Follow up with a double rinse using 30% ethanol for 3 minutes each to remove excess stain.
  3. For intensified contrast, treat with Lead citrate for 2 minutes (Product Code: #DM22410).

Tips :

  • The 30% ethanol concentration is meticulously chosen to ensure deep penetration while preserving the integrity of lipid structures, striking a perfect balance for detailed tissue visualization.
  • For enhanced contrast and effective staining, adhere to the recommended staining procedure and processing times.

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