Citrate de plomb (Reynolds)

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Optimizing Electron Microscopy Contrast with Uranyless and Lead Citrate (Reynolds)

Introduction: Enhancing Contrast in Electron Microscopy

Achieving optimal contrast is paramount in electron microscopy, ensuring precise analysis of cellular structures. To enhance contrast effectively, we recommend employing the Reynolds method, utilizing Uranyless as an initial contrast agent, followed by Lead Citrate. This combination guarantees detailed visualization of cellular components.

You can see the Uranyless / Lead Citrate double contrast protocol by clicking here :

Uranyless Lead Citrate

Uranyless and Lead Citrate: A Dynamic Contrast Duo

Uranyless, utilized as the primary contrast agent, establishes a foundational contrast. It prepares the sample for further detailing with Lead Citrate. Lead Citrate, available in a convenient 30 ml Airless bottle, offers numerous advantages. Its drop-by-drop dispensing system ensures precise application. Moreover, the Airless bottle design prevents air intake during use, safeguarding the product from deterioration and ensuring an extended shelf life.

Tailored Solutions: Syringe Format for TEM STAINER RMC QG3100

Lead Citrate is also available in a practical syringe format, specifically designed for TEM STAINER RMC QG3100. This format provides flexibility and ease of use, catering to diverse experimental setups and research requirements.

Explore Further: Learn About Our Double Contrast Protocol

For detailed insights into our Uranyless / Lead Citrate double contrast protocol and its applications, we invite you to explore our informative video on the Microscopydirect YouTube channel. This resource provides a visual guide, enhancing your understanding of the contrast enhancement process.

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For comprehensive information about Uranyless, Lead Citrate, and our range of products, please visit our official website at Stay informed and stay ahead in the world of electron microscopy with our cutting-edge contrast solutions.


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