Carnoy’s fluid


  • for histo-pathology applications
  • ACS reagent quality
  • store at room temperature (RT)
  • be cautious, as it is flammable and corrosive
  • made in France
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Product description :

Carnoy’s Fluid is a fixative solution composed of a precise mixture, including 60% ethanol, 30% chloroform, 10% glacial acetic acid, and 1 gram of ferric chloride, serving as a reliable fixative agent for tissue preservation.

Product application :

Carnoy’s solution finds widespread use in histopathology for tissue preservation due to its rapid action and effective nuclear preservation capabilities. Glycogen retention, erythrocyte lysis, and lipid dissolution are additional benefits provided by Carnoy’s solution. However, caution must be exercised as prolonged use may lead to excessive hardening and shrinkage of tissues.

Tips :

  • Fixation time typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours.
  • In addition to histological applications, Carnoy’s solution has been utilized for cauterization (chemical curettage) of living tissues, highlighting its versatility and value in laboratory settings and medical applications.

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