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Stain77, new contrasting agent in Electron Microscopy.
Stain77 is a doubly effective contrastant on ultrathin sections and in negative staining of isolated particles in electron microscopy.

stain77 positive ultrathin section TEMAs Uranyless, requiring contact for one minute with the ultrathins sections on a grid, then a simple draining on filter paper followed by second contact on a drop of lead citrate for 20 to 30 seconds finalized by a short wash with distilled water.

It gives a very soft contrast and perfectly highlights the differents cellular organelles. Combined with post-treatment with lead citrate, it is possible to delineate cellular compartments by perfectly marking the cyto-membranes.

  Toxicity is almost zero and the coloring can be done on the edge of the bench, it is a Lithium salt associated with a very low concentration of Tungsten, its pH is close to 7.

It is easy to implement and stable over time. It can be used as an alternative to aqueous UranyLess when the latter is not conclusive for your Application.

We continue to develop new contrastants because as there is no universal fixative, the contrast can always be improved to better highlight all the cellular microstructures on different