Deeper multi wells silicone mat


96 deeper wells (50-100µl) for all stain EM sample grids staining

  • cryosections
  • ultrathins sections
  • negative staining
  • cyto-chemistry

dimensions: 72 x 110 mm

see video on youtube microscopydirect

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Revolutionize your storage and organization with our innovative Deeper Multi Wells silicone mat. This mat is versatile, increasing efficiency and improving routines.

Precision engineered, it features multiple wells. These provide organized space for items ranging from office supplies to kitchen utensils.

The mat’s unique design keeps items secure and prevents movement. It’s made from high-quality silicone, guaranteeing durability and easy cleaning.

Ideal for professionals, hobbyists or home chefs, the mat offers a clutter-free solution. Its elegant design adds order to any space.

Experience convenience and eliminate frustration. Embrace efficiency with the Deeper Multi Wells silicone mat. Simplify your storage solutions today.