Uranyless in Acetone


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long shelf life.

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UranyLess is a non-radioactive product.

It offers excellent contrasts due to its affinity for biological materials, making it highly effective.

Just one minute of contact is enough to enhance the contrast in your sections or particle spreads (negative staining).

Three variants are available:

  • A (aqueous)
  • E (30% ethanolic)
  • Cryo (acetone for cryofixation) Ready to use in 30ml bottles.

For the use of UranyLess in automatic staining grids such as Leica’s EM Stain or RMC grids stainer, thsi product is provided in a 200ml bottle.

Storage at room temperature.

For more information, visit www.uranyless.com (protocols, some application examples, and safety data sheet) and watch our video on the Microscopydirect YouTube channel.

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