Formalin Aceto-Alcohol (FAA) for Histology


  • for histology applications
  • ready to use
  • store at room temperature (RT)
  • made in France
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Product description : 

Formalin Aceto-Alcohol (FAA), a specially formulated mixture, is tailored for the rapid fixation of tissue samples. Offered in multiple sizes ranging from 500 mL to 4 L, all packaged in natural poly containers, ensuring convenient storage and handling. Each product boasts a shelf life of 18 months, complying with UN1987 hazardous material classification guidelines.

Product application :

FAA serves as a versatile fixative solution suitable for histological applications, facilitating efficient tissue fixation for subsequent processing and analysis in laboratory settings.

Tips :

  • Ensure proper storage of FAA containers to maintain their integrity and effectiveness throughout their shelf life.
  • Adhere to safety guidelines and regulations regarding the handling and transportation of FAA, considering its hazardous material classification under UN1987.

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