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TRIS Buffer: A Cornerstone in Biochemical Research

In the intricate world of biochemical and molecular biology research, TRIS buffer stands out as a pivotal ally. Importantly, it offers unparalleled pH stability and meshes well with a wide array of biological reactions. Renowned for its exceptional buffering capabilities and minimal interference, TRIS (Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane) has become indispensable in laboratories across the globe.

Versatile pH Range

Focusing on its versatility, the TRIS buffer, with a functional pH range of 7.0 to 9.0, plays a crucial role in maintaining physiological pH. This characteristic is critical for in vitro experiments aiming to replicate in vivo conditions. As a result, its wide pH spectrum is aptly suited for a variety of applications, encompassing protein and nucleic acid extraction, electrophoresis, and the maintenance of cell cultures.

Optimized for Electrophoresis

Notably, TRIS buffer assumes a vital role in gel electrophoresis. Serving as a running buffer, it facilitates the precise separation of nucleic acids and proteins. The maintenance of consistent pH during electrophoresis is key to preserving the integrity of biomolecules, thereby ensuring reliable and repeatable results.

Enhanced Molecular Stability

Furthermore, the reliance on TRIS buffer by researchers to stabilize enzyme activities and protect biomolecules from degradation is significant. It establishes a stable ionic environment, pivotal for enzymatic reactions to proceed at optimal rates. This feature is essential for experiments requiring meticulous control over reaction conditions.

Product Specifications

Elevating its value, our TRIS buffer is celebrated for its unmatched purity, thus protecting your experiments from contaminants. Available in a diversity of concentrations and volumes, it adheres to the rigorous standards set for scientific research. Being tested for endotoxin levels and free from RNase, DNase, and protease, it ensures the safety of your delicate experiments.

Commitment to Quality

Acknowledging the importance of reliability in research, our TRIS buffer undergoes stringent quality control measures. This commitment ensures batch-to-batch consistency, offering you a reliable product for your most critical research endeavors.


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