TRIS Buffer

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  • pH adjusted according to your needs
  • time saving
  • eco-responsible approach
  • microfiltered – sterile
  • made in France
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Product description :

TRIS buffer is a fundamental component in biochemical and molecular biology research, offering exceptional pH stability and compatibility with various biological reactions. Renowned for its buffering capabilities and minimal interference, TRIS (Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane) has become indispensable in laboratories worldwide.

  • Versatile pH Range:
    • TRIS buffer covers a wide pH spectrum (7.0 to 9.0), making it adaptable for various experimental needs. Its stability within this range is crucial for in vitro experiments aiming to replicate in vivo conditions.
  • Optimized for Electrophoresis:
    • TRIS buffer serves as a vital running buffer in gel electrophoresis, facilitating precise separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Maintaining consistent pH during electrophoresis preserves biomolecule integrity for reliable results.
  • Enhanced Molecular Stability:
    • Researchers rely on TRIS buffer to stabilize enzyme activities and protect biomolecules from degradation. Its stable ionic environment is essential for optimal enzymatic reactions, ensuring meticulous control over reaction conditions.
  • Product Specifications:
    • Our TRIS buffer boasts unmatched purity, available in diverse concentrations and volumes, and rigorously tested for endotoxin levels. Free from RNase, DNase, and protease, it guarantees the safety and reliability of your experiments.
  • Commitment to Quality:
    • Undergoing stringent quality control measures, our TRIS buffer ensures batch-to-batch consistency, providing you with a reliable product for critical research endeavors.

Application :

With a functional pH range of 7.0 to 9.0, TRIS buffer plays a crucial role in maintaining physiological pH, making it suitable for a variety of applications such as protein and nucleic acid extraction, electrophoresis, and cell culture maintenance.

Advantages :

  • functional at high pH and temperature ranges used for antigen retrieval
  • improves antibody accessibility for immuno histo/cyto chemistry
Disadvantages :
  • Large pH change with temperature, must be adjusted at used temperature

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