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The preparation of the OTE solution is similar to the infusion of tea water 70°C not more.

– Using a heating magnetic stirrer set at 70°C, dissolve your OTE powder at a concentration of 0.2% not more (because saturation is reached at 0.3%)

– After complete dissolution (reached in 15 to 30 minutes with stirring at 70 ° C),

  1. Filter your OTE extract solution at 0.45µ or better at 0.22µ
  2. Store in a small Eppendorf tube filled to the maximum to reduce air containing oxygen or in an AirLess vial.
  3. Store in the darkness at 4 °C (when handling always let your solutions return to RT)
  4. Contrast your grids with OTE for 15 to 20 minutes, darkness, RT
  5. Drain simply not rinse or very short wash 1 to 2 seconds, after drying
  6. Post-stain 1 to 2 minutes with lead citrate according to Reynolds (Ref # 11300)
  7. Drain, short rinse, dry and ready to observe.


Powder OTE , 10gr only by

Code product  # GP18-10